Live roulette: rules and ultimate tips for a profitable game

Live roulette allows you to feel like a real casino playing from your electronic device. Follow the game in real time and chat with the dealer. If you prefer a dynamic game with a real roulette wheel, then we recommend choosing the roulette with live dealers. What is this game and what do you need to know about it?

What is live roulette and how can you become a winner in this game?

Live roulette online allows you to play with live dealers. The main difference from the usual game is the realism, thanks to which every gamer can feel like in a real casino. In order to win real money, you need to pay attention to some useful tips described below:

  1. To get guaranteed winnings, you need to give preference to resources with a good reputation and a variety of software.
  2. Start playing live roulette for free. This will help you get acquainted with the design and nuances of each specific game without investment.
  3. Manage your bankroll by deciding to play online roulette. Even experienced gamblers rarely think about the fact that a successful roulette game combines two skills. The first is the ability to place bets thoughtfully, to follow the system. The second is to manage your bankroll.
  4. It is easier to win by making a small number of bets. This rule helps to competently manage the money account.
  5. The maximum advantage to the players is given by the “la partage” rule used in the French variation – half of the bet is returned to 0.
  6. No need to place bets on zero, two zeros, one, two and three in the American version.

To apply strategies based on statistics and probability theory, you need to have a large sample – and live roulette Australia comes in handy here. Without making bets, but simply observing, you can wait for the ideal situation to apply the strategy (10 red, 7 one dozen, 3 identical numbers, and so on) without spending real money.

Live roulette online: game rules, bets and numbers

The roulette with live dealers has simple rules that will seem simple even to beginners in the gambling field. Every player needs to know the following:

  • The live roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from zero to 36. You can combine any bets, including bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers. All these bets are placed on the so-called “inside” part of the table;
  • On the “outer” part of the table, you can place bets on different groups of 18 numbers. Here you can bet on the top or bottom half of the numbers, on even or odd, on red or black;
  • In addition, bets on 12 numbers (“columns” and “dozens”) and 17 numbers are available.

Many players choose a table based on how much they like the dealer. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the roulette rules and versions of the game before playing live. When betting on tables with a live dealer, the rules are identical to the usual ones. We also recommend you various guides on how to play roulette.

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