Live blackjack online: reasons in favor and basics of the game

Fundamentals about live blackjack online

Nowadays virtually any on the internet casino delivers a blackjack game these days, nevertheless, in every single distinct casino, not only the minimum and maximum rates of the table bets may possibly differ, but also element of the typically accepted rules. To attract players in a competitive atmosphere, some casinos make different modifications to the classic rules, giving players a little much more advantages and freedom of action. There are also independent varieties of blackjack that have nicely-established names and differ from the classics in the distinct number of cards in the deck or the size of bonus payments.

In any case, the game against the casino takes spot at a table with particular boxes for players’ bets. There are live blackjack online tables with the number of boxes from 7 to 12. It implies that one particular or more players can take component in the game, every player has the proper to place bets on any number of free boxes and thus play a number of hands at once. Initially, the croupier offers with two cards for every box with a bet and one card to himself. Then, in turn, cards are dealt to the player`s boxes, soon after which the croupier draws cards for himself. Players do not compete with each other in any way, the aim of the live online blackjack is to defeat the croupier in each player on their boxes.

Functions playing live blackjack online

Right after we found out the fundamental data about the game let’s speak about the main positive aspects of playing online blackjack with the live dealers.

  • Playing blackjack live online is as related as feasible to play this game at the land-primarily based casino. But at the very same time player don`t want to hold up the dress code or go someplace.
  • The independence of the result from artificial RNG algorithms attracts gamblers who are not confident in the honesty of live blackjack online.
  • The ability to communicate directly with the dealer and interact with other gamblers keeps the player in the game, continuously stimulating interest.

One particular of the main advantages of playing blackjack with a live dealer is reliability. You can manage each and every dealer’s movement. You can see how decks of cards are shuffled. This supplies a sense of security that you encounter only in true casinos. Yet another benefit of playing blackjack with a live dealer is the potential to play in multiplayer mode and enjoy the company of other players playing blackjack.

Best live blackjack online casinos

The following internet sites are among the most popular online casinos that provide live dealer online blackjack.

  1. 888 Casino. The EGR Award Winner offers its visitors over 200 games, 100% 1st deposit bonus and a demo version of the casino.
  2. Europa Casino can provide gamblers an extensive bonus system and most well-liked slot machines. A huge benefit of this casino is the reliability and absence of difficulties with payments.

So, if an actual game is the thing you are searching for, now you are supplied with all the essentials for the profitable start.

Have you ever played live baccarat online?

Description: Live baccarat online is an exciting card game with simple rules, which is held in certified on the web casinos with a actual croupier.

How to play live baccarat on the internet?

Baccarat is a card game, originated in France, despite the fact that some historians dispute this fact. Some of them take into account that the game originated in Spain or Italy.

The game is straightforward and quickly. For baccarat, gamblers use a table with special markings as well as eight decks of cards. In live baccarat online cards are dealt by the croupier from a specific device named a sabot. The most widespread in the planet is the American version of the game. The participants of the game need only to place a bet and expect the announcement of the benefits of the distribution.

Players are not needed to make other decisions given that strictly established rules do every thing for them. At one particular table can simultaneously participate up to three dealers and fourteen players. Now let’s have a look at all the benefits of living baccarat.

Benefits and attributes to play live baccarat online

On the internet baccarat live dealer has a lot of positive aspects for players, about which we will talk below.

  • Realistic process. This is the principal benefit of live dealer games with a banker more than equivalent application versions. Truly, the developers took up Live games just in order to develop a genuine casino with its atmosphere and sounds at the click of a mouse.
  • Maximum detalization. Different cameras offer different viewing angles: concentrate on the table, on the face or hands of the dealer, on the fields with data.
  • Availability. Like any online casino game, a game with a live dealer can be launched at any time of the day. You can also play live baccarat on the internet free of charge play.
  • No dress code. A huge advantage more than a true casino: you can play live baccarat online in any clothes with complete confidentiality.
  • Live baccarat in virtual reality.

For now, some online casinos offer to play baccarat at a genuine casino gaming table using virtual reality equipment.

Where to play baccarat on the internet live?

Right after reviewing the short history of the game and completely understanding the guidelines of this easy game, the gambler can take pleasure in on the internet casino live baccarat true cash.

  • 888 Casino. One particular of the properly recognized online casinos, EGR Award Winner, which delivers more than 200 games on the web. The internet site also gives gamblers a mobile application that is almost no different from the web site and makes it possible for you to get pleasure from games, no matter exactly where you are.
  • RedBet Casino. This casino is 1 of the largest Nordic gambling organizations Nordic Leisure AB, which offers the very best software, high-quality design, and fast services to all its customers. Casino games are offered by NetEnt and Microgaming.

Live slots Vegas – get engrossed by the lavishest casino on Google Play

Coming with the same lure as land-based casinos, Vegas live slots casino by Playdog Studio will get you sucked into fun-filled action and unbelievable real dollar whirls. Impeccable graphics, flashy gameplay, enthralling storyline – that is not even the quarter of an advantages-list to be discovered. Of course, we haven’t mentioned live slots online in themselves – but they are the reason why you have come to this post, right?

Still, if you are hesitating whether to give Vegas slots a go or not, read our expert review on the liveliest slots in virtual Australia and get a full picture of no-limit winning possibility.

Live slots: what’s going on there?

Let’s start as if you have never heard of that, ok? Live slots are true slot machines from the famed Vegas lounges turned into a mobile casino app format, optimized for Android and iOS, and bringing lots of LS coins. Where to find a source for download? The casino is gettable on Google Play and on iStore accordingly. As usual, it takes 107 MB of hard memory on your gadget. Not ready to delete any just installed programs?

It’s time to step into the postcasino future: as an extra option Vegas Live provides instant live play slot mode. Thanks to Facebook (you have a Facebook account, don’t you?) you can indulge in online slot gaming any time of a day and night on Facebook pages and all casino details will load up in a few seconds.

Despite these cutting edge advantages, infinite stacks of free chips are much more enticing!

Coin streams alive

Don’t have enough coins to spin? No problem! With constantly available generous bonuses, there’s always a reason to visit an opulent Vegas Live Slots lobby: just come and get as many free coins as you need. Here we collected the most lucrative ones.

  1. A first buy bonus: purchase any live slots item for your character and get up to 200 coin-back on that sum. Minimal deposit – 10 AUD.
  2. Daily bonuses – the most reliable bonuses at Vegas Live casino. If you prove to be a passionate devotee, every day you will be gifted at least 100 000 coins. It will be 100% enough to roam inside lounges till tomorrow.
  3. A lucky wheel bonus: spin the colourful wheel of your destiny and grab truly fantastic prizes! The wheely wins range from 50 000 coins to 1 000 000.
  4. A level up bonus: the more you play, the more Live experience points you get and the more you are rewarded.

Why not use them from the very beginning? Be sure, coin bonuses can satisfy your wildest gambling dreams and bring hours of exhilarating action.

Are you VIP?

Anyway, perks of Live Vegas don’t stop there! Top quality games and luxurious immersion is of the essence here. Hence, there’s no special way to join an elite loyalty program of LV: whichever live slots you opt to play, you will get bloody VIP treatment and seven-star thrills. See the most popular names below.

  • Simple Dollar
  • Super 10X
  • Triple X10
  • 777 Wild Seven
  • Super Dice
  • Burning Gold
  • Gold Dash
  • Golden Bucks

If we aren’t mistaken, the last question you may have is about game navigation. Let us make your play easier!

  1. Create your character.
  2. Keep up to them to an LV lounge that includes endless rows of sparkling slot machines.
  3. Tap on the most appealing one and watch as your digital spirit comes up to seize a bet and l their hand on a spin button.
  4. And then… your device screen will turn into a typical online slot interface with all familiar buttons.
  5. As soon as you are ready, spin reels and dive into falling free symbol shows.
  6. Wait for a winning combination to be shown and collect Vegas riches.
  7. Want to try out other slots or to exit? Tap on a Lobby button and find your next favorites.

Trust us, there’s no reason to play anywhere else.

Live blackjack: short game review and unique features of live broadcasts

All casino games are divided into several categories: slots, card games, table games, bingo and others. The largest categories are table games and slots. The table games category includes games that have the following common features: a game table and a co-op gameplay against the casino. For example, in Texas Hold’em, all players play against each other. That is why it does not belong to the category of table games. The most popular table games today are Baccarat, Craps, Three Card Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

Today we will review one incredibly popular table game – live blackjack, or just 21. This is an online version of the game that you can play only in a browser, computer application or using your phone. Blackjack appeared a long time ago and quickly became popular all over the world due to its simplicity and large winnings. If you were looking for a card game with straightforward gameplay and simple rules, then this is exactly what you need.

Live blackjack basics and rules

Live blackjack is a new video version of blackjack that you can play from your PC or mobile device. The rules of the game do not differ in any way from the classic blackjack, except for some conditions.

The most important unique feature of live online blackjack is that you play with a real dealer via online broadcast. The broadcast is most often conducted from the casino and you can see the dealer in real time. You see the table, you see all the cards and you can be sure that the casino is not rigged.

A quick overview of the rules for online live blackjack:

  • 2-7 players can play at the table.
  • At the start of the round, all players bet and receive 2 cards face down.
  • The dealer also receives 2 cards – one face up and one face down.
  • After that, the player can make a choice: fold, draw more, or keep the hand.
  • After all players have made their move, the dealer opens his hand.
  • If your hand has more points than the dealer’s hand, then you get a payout.
  • If you exceed 21 points, you are eliminated.
  • If the dealer has exceeded 21 points, he is eliminated and everyone get a payout.

That is why blackjack is also called 21, because the main rule of the game is to collect a combo of cards as close as possible to 21.

Video blackjack and how to play with live dealer

Besides live blackjack, there is also video blackjack. This is a card game familiar to everyone, which is controlled by a computer dealer. This version of blackjack is much faster, but there is also a drawback – you cannot count cards and make sure that there is no cheating. That is why many people prefer to play with a live dealer. What are the advantages of playing live blackjack?

  1. Atmosphere. Live streaming and live dealer literally transport you to one of the famous Las Vegas casinos.
  2. Communication. Many players can find a friend in the live dealer. Chat with him via online chat, ask for advice, joke or leave a tip.
  3. Honesty. As mentioned above, only with online broadcasting you can be sure that the casino is not cheating. After all, this way you can see all the physical maps in front of you, and not just pixels.

Which version of blackjack to play is up to you. Try both and decide which one works best for you.

Live roulette: rules and ultimate tips for a profitable game

Live roulette allows you to feel like a real casino playing from your electronic device. Follow the game in real time and chat with the dealer. If you prefer a dynamic game with a real roulette wheel, then we recommend choosing the roulette with live dealers. What is this game and what do you need to know about it?

What is live roulette and how can you become a winner in this game?

Live roulette online allows you to play with live dealers. The main difference from the usual game is the realism, thanks to which every gamer can feel like in a real casino. In order to win real money, you need to pay attention to some useful tips described below:

  1. To get guaranteed winnings, you need to give preference to resources with a good reputation and a variety of software.
  2. Start playing live roulette for free. This will help you get acquainted with the design and nuances of each specific game without investment.
  3. Manage your bankroll by deciding to play online roulette. Even experienced gamblers rarely think about the fact that a successful roulette game combines two skills. The first is the ability to place bets thoughtfully, to follow the system. The second is to manage your bankroll.
  4. It is easier to win by making a small number of bets. This rule helps to competently manage the money account.
  5. The maximum advantage to the players is given by the “la partage” rule used in the French variation – half of the bet is returned to 0.
  6. No need to place bets on zero, two zeros, one, two and three in the American version.

To apply strategies based on statistics and probability theory, you need to have a large sample – and live roulette Australia comes in handy here. Without making bets, but simply observing, you can wait for the ideal situation to apply the strategy (10 red, 7 one dozen, 3 identical numbers, and so on) without spending real money.

Live roulette online: game rules, bets and numbers

The roulette with live dealers has simple rules that will seem simple even to beginners in the gambling field. Every player needs to know the following:

  • The live roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from zero to 36. You can combine any bets, including bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers. All these bets are placed on the so-called “inside” part of the table;
  • On the “outer” part of the table, you can place bets on different groups of 18 numbers. Here you can bet on the top or bottom half of the numbers, on even or odd, on red or black;
  • In addition, bets on 12 numbers (“columns” and “dozens”) and 17 numbers are available.

Many players choose a table based on how much they like the dealer. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the roulette rules and versions of the game before playing live. When betting on tables with a live dealer, the rules are identical to the usual ones. We also recommend you various guides on how to play roulette.

Live poker tournaments and strategies that enable players to win big

Live poker is getting very popular and especially its tournaments. The game does not only allow to play online against real dealer but also avoid gambling legislative restrictions when players may participate only against each other. Live casino poker uses cutting-edge technologies to project dealt cards from dealer’s table into the software, so players may sit thousands of miles away from dealer’s room and enjoy real atmosphere of the casino. In tournaments, it works in exactly the same way but with participation of more players where the stakes will be higher and chances to win big are genuine.

Application of live poker tournaments’ strategies and rules

The rules of live poker online tournament are roughly the same but may differ slightly. It depends on:

  1. The number of players who participate;
  2. Prize;
  3. The amount of money that will have to be deposited;
  4. Tournament structure;
  5. Chips rebuy allowances;
  6. Etiquette of a tournament.

Based on the above mentioned criteria a tournament’s rules are written in the entry conditions. It also assumes the format of a competition and may refer to ether shootout format, which means that players will either participate in multiplayer tournament to determine the winner or satellite format, where players will the entry to the higher ranking competition to win more money. In order to in and be successful, players are advised to use various strategies that are suited for live poker real money online competition:

  • Try to play the opposite way compare to what opponents do (e.g. if players play tight, it may be possible to play more aggressively);
  • More hands should be played in the first stages and levels of a tournaments as there are more value in straight and flushes;
  • Players may find greater value in getting a set and the deeper players get into the tournament, the small pocket pairs may be regarded as standard folds;
  • Do not try to make a deal till the player gets three handed, unless it is played above bankroll;
  • Determine the odds and cards that are gone out at all times.

Live poker tournaments require approaching betting rounds wisely and measuring the chances well. The great thing is that live tournament is just like in land based casino, so bluffing could be explored in full extend.

Live poker betting etiquette that will ensure decent wins

There are certain norms that will allow player so twin whilst playing live poker. No matter what aspects of etiquette are implemented in real life, this is not a cue. However, if it is followed then winning chances are increased:

  • Punish limpers on immediately and frequently;
  • Observe softer tables and switch to them whenever is possible;
  • Never be aggressive especially against blinds and weak players;
  • Do not provoke others unless the right cards are held and bluff will be successful.

Live poker is perceived as more interesting and may allow to have better chances to win. Therefore, it is advised to give it a try at least once.

Live baccarat and best Australian casino video slots with free bonuses

The prerequisite of opting to play live baccarat against traditional game is indeed the offer to experience real casino atmosphere online. Live casino baccarat uses cutting-edge technologies that reads the cards on dealers table and projects the data into the software enabling the player to play with the live dealer remotely online. The game is extremely easy to get to grips with, whereas some bonuses that can be obtained on signing up in Australian casinos can be used to play both: video slots and live baccarat.

Most popular video slots in Australia

Many players may wonder how to combine playing video slots and live baccarat as well as get the maximum benefits from free bonuses for both? Well, bonuses will be available anyway no matter whether these are regular daily or weekly bonuses or bonuses on signing up. All of them may be used for any game, so in order to make the difference players might need a clue of what video slots are regarded as the most popular. This is particularly applicable to Australia because this market uses its own software developers and vast majority of video slots are not available anywhere else, it includes:

  1. Australian magic;
  2. Hawaii cocktails;
  3. Lucky lady clover;
  4. West town;
  5. Aztec magic;
  6. Luxury life;
  7. 2 million b.c.;
  8. Super stars;
  9. Desert treasure;
  10. Fantasy park.

When players get tired of spinning the reels of video slots, it can be swopped for live dealer baccarat at any time. The atmosphere of the game will be much quieter and more calming. Aussie video slots in the other hand are characterized by the use of the most modern technologies and treated as pure pleasure to look at and to play to. They are extremely rewarding and, on most occasions, offer high RTP, which is in combination with bonuses may be even more rewards to players.

Play online casino in Australia for real cash with genuine bonuses

How to play live baccarat and video slots may be seen and tried on demo versions that many casinos offer on their websites and give the video links to be watched on YouTube. Demo will provide comprehensive idea of how everything works. By receiving either free bonuses or matching bonuses, which are very high in Australia, it can be used for any type of game. Credits will be seen in the personal account section or at the top of the interface. Bonuses are credited immediately to players account and can be used at any time on any game type. Here is what should be considered:

  • Selection of games can be made on the basis of the player’s preferences and credits are used on any game at any time;
  • Consider the minimum and maximum stakes for video slots, live baccarat or other games as it may vary significantly depended on casino;
  • After receiving bonuses, always treat the rewards as your own money and play with caution, then RTP increase will play in the player’s favor;
  • Video slots and live baccarat offer different gameplay and different atmosphere, so shift from one to the other to make a difference and increase efficiency.

Live baccarat is one of the latest casino inventions. The game is easy to learn and latest technology allows to experience the environment of the casino at home. Please, use this opportunity to get more out of online gambling and use bonuses to get more wins.